The Journey

They say it´s not the destination but the journey that matters.  So true!  The experience is the memory you take with you and experience never ends.  Life is a series of moments.  The arrival point is simply one of those moments.  Make each moment count and be remembered as a pleasure…

moments meme



The Freedom in Fear

Screenshot_2013-01-24-09-04-28Overcoming fear and facing it head on is not only empowering but very liberating.  We all discover a little bit more about ourselves when dealing with a challenge which opens a door to a real journey of self discovery.  

Take the challenge and jump that hurdle of fear.   The way to free yourself from that fear is to dive right in and realise that there was nothing holding you back except yourself.  

Believe in your Dreams


What does the world need?     What are my skills to help supply that need?

Two important questions to ask ourselves when manifesting our dreams.   Believing in our dreams is fundamental in making them happen, and if they benefit the world at large – even more so.

If you´re not sure what your dream is, live the question.  By asking ourselves these two questions (above) on a daily basis, without the sense of stress or attachment, we open our minds to perceiving the answers –  trusting that they will appear at the right time.

Dreaming is the source of hope, inspiration and creation.  Never stop!

Praise Nor Criticism

praise or criticism

“No ego, no problem.”

This was one of many yogi tea messages.  I often think about this one and ask myself if it´s really true.  Pondering on many occasions, asking myself: if my ego weren´t in the way would I have a problem here?  I think the answer is invariably ´no´.  We often get caught up in the need for acceptance but needing that acceptance in turn means we take the criticism too.  Being impartial to either one frees our minds to just being and enjoying what we´re doing without the need or concern of other´s opinions.


Good Advice!

good advice

Past or Future?

past and future Don´t let yesterday take up too much of today.  The past is over and has served it´s purpose.  Now and tomorrow is the place full of potential and like a blank canvas can be painted anyway you choose.  You decide what you spend your time thinking on so dwelling on things from the past that can´t be altered can often be a misuse of your mind´s potential.  Thinking about the way to make things work for now and the future can be more productive and a lot more rewarding.

You are what you think

Priority No.1

happiness isn´t selfish


When flying on a plane, what are the safety regulations?  To reach for the oxygen mask and get yourself to safety before trying to help anyone else around you.  If you are not safe how can you help anyone else?  It´s important to take care of yourself and not to feel the least bit bad for it.  If you want others to be happy start with yourself and then spread it around.


Stay Positive

surviveHere are some pointers that help to keep our minds active.  Very often we are working on autopilot, not paying very much attention to what´s going on around us.  These activities help to keep our minds focussed on the now, which is always a good place to be.

Embrace the Change


Some changes may initially look negative.  You may want to resist or hold on to the comfort of familiarity.  However nothing good can come of life staying the same.  Stagnation is the antithesis of life.  Embracing the new allows the goodness to flow into your life and teach you all the valuable lessons that life has to offer.